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A free solidity tutorial for experienced programmers

Updated: May 16, 2023

RareSkills has released a free and comprehensive introduction to Learn Solidity for experienced programmers.

Although there are many resources for the language, many of them are written to a audiences new to programming. It is wonderful that blockchain has introduced many people to the world of coding.

But for senior engineers, using these resources can sometimes be frustrating and slow-moving. Our new tutorial is an up-to-date (2023), information-dense guide with tailored hands-on exercises.


  • The resource is recent, with all examples written in the latest Solidity syntax (0.8.19)

  • Obvious concepts like for loops and if statements are glossed over.

  • Unique topics like how code can transfer cryptocurrency and interact with other smart contracts are explained thoroughly.

  • Each chapter concludes with a list of exercises to practice. These exercises are open-sourced in our solidity exercises Github repo. The exercises are written in the Foundry framework, which is the most advanced and up-to-date development framework for Solidity as of 2023.

  • The curriculum is designed to help the reader start developing real smart contracts as soon as possible, instead of toy examples. This helps motivate the information. We created the topic progression by working backward from common protocols like ERC20 tokens and NFTs rather than enumerating common topics in Ethereum development.

The smart contract and blockchain space will do well to attract experienced coders who can knowledge transfer useful know-how from other programming domains. This resource will help facilitate their introduction.

You can see the free solidity tutorial here and here for further solidity training. No credit card or email is required.

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