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RareSkills Testimonials
Hear it from our alumni developers

Cyan Pascual.jpeg

Cyan Pascual

Hired as Solidity Engineer at Arx

Rareskills is the best investment I’ve made so far. I was surrounded by people who love to learn. I was directly mentored, skill-wise and career-wise, by instructors from big tech companies. And, I was able to nearly 10X what I was making just two years ago thanks to the bootcamp’s job interview prep, and their network and reputation. The bootcamp itself was a grueling cycle of studying tough concepts and complicated systems, and then implementing what we had learned through a mini-project. It really helped that there were weekly guided discussions with other students and the instructor wherein you can help each other understand the topics for that week so you don’t fall behind too much. As a freelancer for most of my career, I felt that the 1-on-1 weekly code reviews was the most valuable part of the bootcamp — especially since the instructor, Jeffrey Scholz, is a former Yahoo Senior Software Engineering Manager. The insights and advice given about how I code and my problem solving approach really helped me develop not just as a Solidity developer, but as a Software developer in general. Besides the code reviews, there were also supplementary web3 career consultation sessions with Koyuki Nakamori, the Head of Engineering at Ava Labs. Her insider knowledge of what web3 companies are looking for, what the job interviews were going to be like and how to prepare, and what exactly to expect once hired were instrumental to the job hunting part that came after the bootcamp. Rareskills’ help extends all the way to job interview preparation through interview practice sessions with Gayantha De Zoysa, the Head of Growth for Rareskills. The sessions helped me gain confidence, know what to avoid doing and what to aim to do during the interviews. The culmination of my experience at Rareskills was when I had finally received a job offer for $80,000 a year. For someone living in a third world country, this was huge compared to what developers typically get paid for locally, which is literally almost 10 times less. If you’re a talented yet underpaid developer working in a third world country, this could be a great way to enter the Western job market.

I joined RareSkills bootcamp after taking Jeffrey’s course on Udemy and I’m really glad I did! Even though I’ve worked as a Solidity developer before, I’m definitely learning a lot in this bootcamp. Recently I successfully applied the gained knowledge about gas optimization and EVM storage layout during a job interview and got an offer. The bootcamp is not an easy beginner course, it’s a deep dive into Solidity, but Jeffrey’s teaching talent makes the advanced concepts easy to understand and apply. I highly recommend RareSkills bootcamp to all developers wanting to elevate their Solidity skills.


Iryna Hubernska

Hired as Solidity Engineer at Layer Zero

Josh Robar

Josh Robar

Job Offer Trail of Bits Auditor

This course delivers on its promises! I landed a great job as a Solidity Engineer before even finishing my final assignment. I felt confident during each of my interviews and had a portfolio of unique and impressive projects to showcase. The amount of learning packed into 4 months is incredible and I now have far more knowledge and experience than the "4 months" of Solidity implies. The curriculum is a good balance of theory and practical knowledge and provides a solid basis for a familiarity with Solidity, the EVM, and smart contract security that most beginner developers couldn't claim. The progression was logical, and each week the assignments were just challenging enough to frustrate but ultimately always doable. I felt a sense of pride for each project I completed that I've never felt during "code-along" style courses. Often the course work inspired me to experiment with ideas of my own. The weekly meetings and code reviews are invaluable. I cannot emphasize enough how useful it was to have so many opportunities to have my questions answered, or to receive feedback on ways to improve my Solidity code. Beyond even the technical aspect, it was great to have someone knowledgeable to talk to about my career and get help with everything from my resume to the interview process. I would recommend this course to any developers who are interested in making the transition to web 3 and are prepared to put in a few months of hard work to get there. I have seen for myself that the material, projects, and coaching here are enough to get you hired if you're willing to put in the effort.

For those of you who are looking to land a job as a Solidity developer, but are struggling to find the correct path to follow. I wanted to take a moment to highlight a program I undertook that not only enabled me to acquire an expert level of understanding about Solidity and the EVM, but also provided me with connections that allowed me to land a job at a prominent DeFi startup, all within 6 months. The RareSkills Solidity Bootcamp provides a dedicated learning environment to pursue becoming a solidity developer with a curriculum put together by industry experts who have years of experience in the field. With such a fast-growing space, it was often a doubt in my mind whether the materials I was self-studying were relevant. However, with their expertise I was able to fast track my way to acquiring the necessary skills to become not only an employable solidity developer but one who is above the curve. The 1:1 sitdowns with industry experts such as Jeffrey Scholz, an ex-yahoo engineer who is a technical advisor for startups and VC firms with over half a billion dollars in assets, and Koyuki N., the Director of Market Intelligence at Avalanche, also provided a wealth of insight into not just technical skills but also soft skills that are arguably just as important. Being that the program is highly selective, you will only meet people who are just as passionate, if not more so, about the blockchain field. Which vastly helps you stay motivated to keep learning and looking into new concepts you would not have otherwise considered on your own. In my cohort, I met Jesper Kristensen, a Blockchain Entrepreneur and previous head of research at a blockchain research firm who is a cofounder at the DeFi protocol where I now work. If you were like me and don’t know the next step to continuing your solidity development journey, I would highly recommend you give this program a shot. As it definitely overshot my expectations!

Suthan Somadeva

Suthan Somadeva

Hired as a Solidity Engineer at Panoptic

Himad Moutar.jpeg

Himad Moutar

Self-employed Software Developer

This is a great example of what a BootCamp should be. A well-thought-out, up-to-date and relevant curriculum that covers every aspect of web3 development (testing, security, development, best practices). Fascinating discussions. Blockchain concepts that felt like black magic are crystal clear now thanks to Jeff’s mentoring. I’m a software engineer with over 6 years of experience, and in my opinion, the course is certainly not entry-level. Assignments were increasingly challenging, although nothing that couldn’t be solved after some time. The mentors were always helpful when I or other students got stuck during those assignments. Unlike other SWE fields, Blockchain is still fairly new and information is scarce, so having a place that collects everything that I needed to be able to land a job was a huge time-saver, not to mention the connections that were made in the process. I encourage anyone pursuing a web3 career to seriously consider RareSkills Web3 development Bootcamp.

Bootcamp puts you in a place where you have to write a lot of code. So there's no way for you not to get good even midway through. On the other hand, the theoretical support is really good - instead of trying to bite more than they could chew, they just provide relevant resources. The most valuable part is weekly coaching calls which helps you a lot to go through any roadblocks. So this is a must-have for anyone looking for serious education in Solidity.

Sergey Tsvetkov.jpeg

Sergey Tsvetkov

Self-employed Software Developer


Adam Boudejemaa

Lead Blockchain Developer at Polytrade | Co-Authored ERC-3643 Standard

I recently completed the Advanced Solidity program, and I wanted to share my thoughts on the program with you. To begin with, I must say that I was thoroughly impressed with the program. Despite having five years of experience in Blockchain, I learned a great deal from it. The program covered a range of topics, including EVM bytecode, security, testing, mutation, assembly, and optimization, to name a few. What I particularly loved about the program was its emphasis on real-world applications. We identified and addressed security issues that could potentially occur in smart contracts, making the program all the more practical and relevant. Overall, I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to take their skills to the next level. The team behind it is incredibly knowledgeable, and they have a great way of making learning fun and engaging. Thank you for equipping me with the necessary skills, and I look forward to applying what I've learned in my future endeavors.

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