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Michael Burke

Web | Solidity Developer

​​My journey with RareSkills started a couple of months ago. I’ve been a part of other bootcamps & RareSkills has been a huge contrast to that. With most other web development bootcamps you might have around 40 people in your cohort and you would constantly have to fight to get your questions answered or to have one-on-one time with the lecturers. Versus here, we have small group meetings where you can have an in-depth discussion and ask questions, and pin ideas off each other. The weekly one-one sessions are awesome! people tend to learn differently, so having that for even half an hour is super valuable. Right now I feel super fortunate to have that convenient access to somebody as experienced and knowledgeable as Jeffrey Scholz. Working with him is fantastic! he’s done a lot of research and has written some great articles and courses. His depth of knowledge is just top-notch. Beyond that, when we have these small meetings, you get to know the students a little bit, it’s fun! The learning content is a very healthy mix of breadth and depth. We’re digging into some underlying stuff, but also working on a little bit of the front end and how the pieces all come together. I’m really happy with the learning content provided

Being 3 months into the bootcamp, I can tell you with extreme confidence that this decision was one of the best decisions I've made! RareSkills heavy emphasis on directed self-learning, weekly QnA sessions with fellow classmates, and 1:1 sit-downs with the instructor have all fostered a supportive learning environment that has pushed and challenged me to consume materials in ways I would not have otherwise on my own. Moreover, there are some insanely interesting and intelligent people you will get to network with. It is also well worth noting that in my interactions with the head of the program Jeffrey Scholz, that he has been nothing but a consummate professional. The people here don't just run a money grab. They genuinely care about producing developers who can become experts within the field. I strongly recommend this program to anyone looking to develop within this space!

Suthan Somadeva

Suthan Somadeva

Ethereum Smart Contract Engineer

Jesper Kristensen

Jesper Kristensen

Co-Founder & COO at Panoptic

RareSkills has been tremendously beneficial in teaching and enabling a successful and comprehensive transition from Web2 to Web3. The material is meticulously handpicked, and most of it is taught by internal instructors. There are multiple weekly meetings to discuss things Web3, as well as coding sessions and assignments. Maintaining this pace at this level of instruction for numerous months without a solid core team and a thoroughly crafted program is tough. This is a significant benefit of RareSkills. The lecturers have extensive expertise in the subject topic and are simultaneously best-selling authors on online instructional websites. They have substantial practical experience in Web3 product development as well. The assignments are exceptionally difficult, requiring you to think, learn, and develop as a consequence. I am thrilled to have chosen RareSkills to help me attain a broad knowledge base in this space, and I enthusiastically endorse this program to everyone

I'm very pleased with my experience with RareSkills so far. The curriculum is more comprehensive and thorough than other web3 learning resources I had considered. Jeff is an excellent instructor and the small cohort sizes make it easy to participate in discussions and have your questions answered. The weekly assignments have been both challenging and interesting and will form the basis of an impressive and unique project portfolio.

Josh Robar

Josh Robar

Senior Web Developer, Security Lead at Digital Fusion Inc.


Iryna Hubernska

Solidity Engineer at LayerZero

I joined RareSkills bootcamp after taking Jeffrey’s course on Udemy and I’m really glad I did! Even though I’ve worked as a Solidity developer before, I’m definitely learning a lot in this bootcamp. Recently I successfully applied the gained knowledge about gas optimization and EVM storage layout during a job interview and got an offer. The bootcamp is not an easy beginner course, it’s a deep dive into Solidity, but Jeffrey’s teaching talent makes the advanced concepts easy to understand and apply. I highly recommend RareSkills bootcamp to all developers wanting to elevate their Solidity skills.