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Hire Expert Solidity Developers

Our solidity bootcamp is designed with a career advancement in mind. If you are looking to hire experienced developers with expertise in solidity, this is the place to do it!

Here are our advantages compared to other recruitment agencies:

solidity coding BootCamp

Our candidates are serious about switching jobs. Engineers enroll in our bootcamp because they want to switch overto blockchain development. You don’t have to worry about candidates ghosting you or dragging their feet in the process

solidity coding BootCamp

Our candidates already have programming experience. The only time we accept students in college is if they do exceptionally well on a difficult programming test. Over 90% of those enrolled are experienced programmers.

solidity coding BootCamp

Our candidates actually have the skills and motivation. Our students must pass a coding test of comparable difficulty to established tech companies. We are selective about how we take in, and our class size limit of 5 gives us the luxury of picking only the most qualified engineers. We make our curriculum rigorous and make sure students understand this when they join. People who enroll are serious learners. While other recruiters will connect you with whoever responds to them on LinkedIn, we reject most of the candidates who apply to us. By signing up for our program, they show they are very serious about rigorous learning. This is exactly the kind of engineer you want to work with!

We recommend you act fast because many of our students get recruited even before they complete the program. Despite offering significant advantages compared to other recruiters, we charge industry standard rates.

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