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RareSkills Web3 Blockchain Instructors


Jeffrey Scholz

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Jeffrey is the instructor of the only two expert-level Ethereum development courses on Udemy, both of which are bestsellers. His blog on Ethereum development has significantly influenced major projects in the web3 space.

While working at, Jeffrey became the youngest Senior Engineering Manager at the company, building the video machine learning platforms and team from the ground up. He has consulted for dozens of companies, including the National Football League (NFL) in America.
He holds two patents in machine learning and has placed in the top 10 in highly competitive international machine learning contests.

Jeffrey is the founder of, a leading technical startup advisory firm in Southeast Asia consisting of expert engineering leaders from companies like Uber, Instagram, Coinbase, Apple, and others. 8020cto also provides technical due diligence for Venture Capital firms, some of which have over half a billion dollars in management.

He has a passion for learning and teaching that stretches all the way back to high school when he mentored college students in calculus. At Columbia University, he was recognized as a top teaching assistant in the computer science department and was awarded a scholarship for it.

RareSkills is now his way to share his passion for rigorous learning and subject mastery with other software engineers.


Jesper Kristensen is a Web3 builder and entrepreneur with a Ph.D. and M.S. in Applied and Engineering Physics and Computer Science from Cornell University. He co-founded Panoptic and helped build a successful DeFi options protocol that raised $4.5M during the bear market of 2022. Jesper has also written a book on Automated Market Makers (AMMs) and has worked in a variety of industries, including research, quantitative finance, software engineering, and DevOps. Jesper is constantly eager to learn, teach, and grow, making him an asset to any team or organization.

Jesper Kristensen

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Gonçalo Magalhães (gmhacker) is an aerospace engineer working as a smart contract security researcher. In the past he has worked for various companies spanning different industries: IoT and embedded systems, finances, digital TV. After transitioning to the Web3 industry, he worked as a smart contract developer for different entities and taught blockchain technologies in companies and bootcamps. He was awarded the Immunefi Whitehat Hacker Scholarship, eventually leading him to working as a smart contract triager at Immunefi. He's currently at Immunefi leading smart contract and R&D endeavours.


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Philippe Dumonet is an experienced smart contract developer and auditor with over three years of experience. He has worked for various companies and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and is currently a co-founder of, a startup that develops solutions to improve the security of DeFi protocols. Philippe started his software development journey at a young age and has won multiple crypto hackathons. He became the youngest Senior Smart Contract Auditor at Quantstamp at the age of 19. Philippe is dedicated to his side projects and his own startup, while also engaging in security research and optimizing popular contracts, such as ERC721H and METH.

Philippe Dumonet

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Koyuki Nakamori is a Head of Engineering at Ava Labs, the company behind the Avalanche Blockchain. Her team researches distributed and decentralized machine learning training facilitated by blockchain.

She previously was the head of engineering at Headspace where she built their ML pipelines. She has 10+ years mentoring aspiring data scientists and engineers.

Her bachelor's degree is in applied mathematics and her graduate degree is in data science and operation's research.

Koyuki Nakamori

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Dominik Teiml studied Maths & Computer Science at the University of Oxford. He got into blockchain with Gnosis, where he focused on decentralized exchanges and formal verification. Later he transitioned to security assessments, first at Certik and later at Trail of Bits. He was part of the founding of Ackee Blockchain, where he focused on employee training and auditing. Dom is the author of the Yellow Paper Course and the creator of Woke, a development and testing framework for Solidity.

Dominik Teiml

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Shung is a Smart Contract Auditor at Kebasec and an Associate Security Researcher at Spearbit, renowned for his expertise in blockchain security. His previous experience as a protocol developer at Pangolin has endowed him with a deep understanding of decentralized financial platforms. Shung’s keen eye for detail and security acumen led him to discover a critical vulnerability in Uniswap X, which earned him a substantial $200k bounty. This accomplishment is paralleled by his quick actions that averted a potential $30 million hack on the Hedera protocol by addressing a precompile exploit. His impressive portfolio includes Solady ERC721, Seaport, Trader Joe, Manifold Finance, and Poolsharks.


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