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rust and solana bootcamp

Rust Bootcamp

Duration: 1 month | Pricing: $1,300

Rust has been voted as the most loved language for seven years in a row on Stackoverflow's developer survey. You'll learn why in this Rust programming bootcamp!


This Rust coding bootcamp is a prerequisite for Solana, but the NEAR, MultiverseX (formerly Elrond), Comos' SDK, Polkadot's Substrate, and Zcash's Halo2 all rely on Rust also.

Rust is also a vast language which can be overwhelming. This course focuses on the aspects that are used most in blockchain programs and smart contracts.


This Rust bootcamp is a prerequisite for the Solana bootcamp.

This course is an ideal blend of practice and theory. We will read texts that explain how Rust is architected, but see that in action with lots of hands-on exercises.

Start learning now

Our tutorials are so good, you'll be solving Leetcode problems after less than 8 minutes of videos.

Watch our Rust in 60 seconds playlist below. Then fill out your email to get the practice problems.

The code to follow along is in this repository (optional):