Course fees - $6,400

Ethereum Developer

An investment in education always pays the highest returns

- Benjamin Franklin

Bootcamp Price


  • Save 2% if you pay with USDC. (If your exchange only provides USDT, we suggest swapping it on the DeFi exchange).

Our Cutting-Edge, Web3 Refund Policy

Change your mind about joining? We have a no questions asked 14-day refund policy.

Although a lot of companies have a refund policy like that but…

Ours is different.


If you pay a designated smart contract in USDC, the refund policy is programmatically enforced so you can withdraw the money without even asking us!

You get your money back right away with zero hassle.

As a bonus, your tuition will be 2% cheaper!


We walk the talk when it comes to web3 adoption!


By using smart contracts for payments:

  1. you don't have to worry about us not honoring our refund policy because we can't stop the smart contract

  2. we don't have to pay the traditional finance companies their exchange fees.


You can still pay us the old fashion way if you like, but we will also have to refund you the old fashion way: you have to ask for a refund and then wait seven days for the bank to clear the transaction (it’s not our fault, they like to sit on the money and earn interest).


But with crypto, it's instant, and we all save money with less hassle!


100% till 14 days.

If you decide the program is not for you after the 14 days, you will get a prorated refund. Here is how the smart contract is programmed to return your money if you ask for a refund

If the program turns out to be too fast paced for you, or life gets in the way, you can always choose to pause the program and pick up where you left off at a later date. There is zero financial consequence for this. Our small class sizes allow us to adapt the program to your needs. We want you to succeed and won’t force you through a schedule that doesn’t work for you.