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Although there is no shortage of education aimed at those trying to “break into web3,” RareSkills stands head and shoulders among the rest as the leading resource for those who have been in the industry for years.

Whether we are teaching you how to use Foundry to write ERC20 tokens or build a Zero Knowledge Proof from scratch, we imbue professional rigor in everything we do and we don’t relent until we believe your knowledge gaps have been covered.

Our codebase walkthroughs dive deep into seemingly minor details other tutorials omit, and in our live lectures we ask probing questions to see if you truly understand a concept or only have a good idea of it.

RareSkills is the leading resource for advanced blockhain

Who we serve

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Intermediate or higher blockchain developers looking to level up

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Blockchain companies looking to hire talent

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Blockchain companies looking for content creation

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Blockchain companies looking for engineering training

Setting the Standard in Blockchain Education

Our curriculum is now in its seventh iteration. We consistently update it based on significant updates in industry and feedback from students.

We aren't a web2 to web3 educator. We train engineers already in the industry how to excel. We've proudly trained engineers and auditors up to the rank of protocol lead and lead security researcher / auditor.

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We focus on teaching the very hardest subjects, including cryptography and zero knowledge proofs. By helping engineers and auditors learn these subjects faster, they have more time to build impactful products for the ecosystem.

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Every day, hundreds of engineers read our freely available advanced tutorials and practice our puzzles and quizzes to level up.

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Rareskills is the most comprehensive and rigorous web3 blockchain bootcamp around.

We are not beginner friendly — we are winner friendly. Regardless of whether you are starting to learn Solidity now or lead a team of Solidity engineers, we make sure you are optimally challenged to grow your skills as efficiently as possible.
Becoming skilled at something is difficult. We lean into that rather than avoid it.

A Community of Mastery

You will make some amazing like-minded friends in the process and have amazing mastermind discussions every week. You will receive polite, yet unfiltered and sometimes very uncomfortable feedback on how you can improve your code and where your knowledge gaps are.

Your peer group will be no less impressive. Here are some examples of the kind of people who participate in RareSkills

Protocol leads at major DeFi projects

lead auditors and security researchers at the most respected security firms

web3 technical entrepreneurs who have built companies collectively valued at over 100 million dollars

authored EIPs

top ten finishes in competitive audits

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We don’t play the numbers game with admissions


Learn from the Best

Our instructors are not only top of their field but also passionate mentors, ready to provide the insights and challenges necessary to accelerate your learning curve.


Jeffrey Scholz

Jeffrey Scholz

Founder | Lead Instructor

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Gayanthan De Zoysa

Gayantha De Zoysa

Chief Operating Officer

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Aldi Fadillah

Operations Manager

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Aymeric Russel Taylor

Aymeric R T


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amadi michael




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Matheesha Gamalathge

Project Associate

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The biggest players in the ecosystem support our work

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Aztec Network
Ellipse 23

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