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About RareSkills Web3 Blockchain Engineering Bootcamp  

web3 bootcamp
web3 bootcamp


Rareskills is the most comprehensive and rigorous web3 blockchain bootcamp around.

We are fully remote, cohort based, and instructor lead.


Each class has a maximum of 5 students.

Our flagship Solidity bootcamp lasts 4 months, but our entire program can go for up to a year.

See our blockchain bootcamps and our solidity bootcamp

If you want to be an elite blockchain developer, RareSkills is the place to be.

advanced solidity

You will make some amazing like-minded friends in the process and have amazing mastermind discussions every week. You will receive polite, yet unfiltered and sometimes very uncomfortable feedback on how you can improve your code and where your knowledge gaps are.

ethereum developer bootcamp

People who have truly mastered a topic know the process takes time. That's why our bootcamp is  four months long.

advanced solidity

The kind who grow stronger with each challenge will thrive. Those who make it through the admission process but find out they are underprepared will be given a refund and shown the door.

We are the hardest blockchain bootcamp on the block

(no pun intended)

solidity coding BootCamp

Exclusive Admissions

As we said earlier, we are very dedicated and careful for your learnings. So, we don't just enroll hundreds of people. Our admission is very exclusive and only limited to 5 persons per month who are very serious regarding this bootcamp.

*If you have a good application, but don't quite make the cut, you will be waitlisted for the following month.

solidity coding BootCamp
Best in class instructors

You will be taught by instructors from top caliber institutions who will give brilliant answers to your questions (or challenge you to think through the topic some more). They will tell you exactly what you need to hear to make your learning go as fast as possible.

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