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Where engineers at top blockchain companies study

RareSkills is the premier education community that services engineers as advanced as protocol leads. As the engineering graduate school of web3, we've helped dozens of professional solidity and blockchain engineers push themselves to learn even more than what they do on the job.

Our students come from

Filling Knowledge Gaps
with Evergreen Foundations

RareSkills is not just about teaching; we're about building knowledge that lasts. We focus on the principles and problem-solving skills that underpin blockchain technology, instead of fleeting tools and frameworks. We're here to save you time, correct your mistakes, and ensure your learning journey is as thorough as possible.


Advanced Solidity

MAR 15



$1,400 x 5




22 Weeks

18-24 Hours/Week

This is the longest and hardest solidity training program you will find. Cover your knowledge gaps and pick up where most courses leave off. Learn and practice advanced testing strategies, EVM assembly, gas optimization, design patterns, applied cryptography, and more. You will practice security problems not seen elsewhere.


Zero Knowledge
Proof Bootcamp




$1,300 x 2




8 Weeks

10-15 Hours/Week

Although the mathematics behind zero knowledge is intimidating, our novel way of teaching it makes it understandable. We will cover enough math so that you can understand the motivation behind the oddities of the languages you’ll use, but not so much that you get lost in theory before doing something practical. We will study circuit design in Circom, and use higher level languages like Zokrates and Noir. Security vulnerabilities specific to zero knowledge proofs will also be covered.


DeFi Bootcamp




$1,300 x 2




8 Weeks

18-24 Hours/Week

This hands on course will give you practical experience with Oracles, MEV, DeFi exploits such as flash loan attacks, automated market makers, and lending protocols. You will learn how to interface with these applications and understand the motivation behind their architectures.


Dapp Bootcamp




$1,500 x 2




8 Weeks

18-24 Hours/Week

If you are looking to enter web3 for the first time, this is the bootcamp to take. This is an eight-week introduction to decentralized app (dapp) development on Ethereum.

Rated the Best

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Make the Rare Choice, Choose RareSkills.

Expert Instructors with Weekly Live Classes

Our instructors are industry experts with extensive experience in smart contract development and auditing. They are dedicated to helping you succeed through one-on-one mentorship, code reviews, and weekly live office hours. And Benefit from their extensive experience and passion for teaching while engaging in interactive, real-time sessions.

Jeff Scholz DP.png

Jeffrey Scholz

Founder | Lead Instructor

Jeffrey is the instructor of the only two expert-level Ethereum development courses on Udemy, both of which are bestsellers.


Jesper Kristensen

Instructor | Co-Founder | Author of Top 3 Web3 FinTech Book on Amazon

Jesper is the co-founder of Panoptic, a DeFi options protocol that raised $4.5M during the bear market of 2022. He has a Ph.D. and M.S. in Applied and Engineering Physics and Computer Science from Cornell University.

Philippe Dumonet.jpg

Philippe Dumonet

Instructor | Smart Contract Auditor | Co-Founder of

Philippe became the youngest Senior Smart Contract Auditor at Quantstamp at 19. He co-founded, a startup focusing on improving DeFi protocol security. He’s engaged in security research and optimizing contracts like ERC721H and METH.

Dominik Teiml.jpg

Dominik Teiml

Instructor | Smart Contract Auditor | Ex-Trail of Bits, Gnosis

Dominik is the author of the Yellow Paper Course and the creator of Woke, a development and testing framework for Solidity. He studied Maths & Computer Science at the University of Oxford.

Jeff Scholz DP.png

Jeffrey Scholz

Founder | Lead Instructor

Jeffrey is the instructor of the only two expert-level Ethereum development courses on Udemy, both of which are bestsellers.

Exceptional Outcomes with RareSkills

Become a Confident, Knowledgeable Blockchain Developer

Our focus at RareSkills extends beyond just career advancement. We aim for every student to demystify Ethereum and smart contracts, eliminating knowledge gaps that can hamper your growth. With us, you'll achieve a comprehensive understanding of the blockchain execution environment, granting you peace of mind in your development skills.

Small Cohort Sizes

Experience a close-knit learning environment with just five students per cohort, fostering better relationships with instructors and more personalized attention.

Weekly Live Classes

Attend interactive, real-time classes with our expert instructors, providing valuable insights and guidance throughout your learning journey.

1-on-1 Code Reviews

Receive 1-on-1 feedback on your work, helping you identify and address knowledge gaps while improving your coding skills.

How our Community Works

You are who you hang out with. Not only does RareSkills give you a curriculum that has been refined many times over, you get motivated peers and powerful industry connections. We only admit students who take learning as seriously as you do, and have the track record to prove it.

Curated Students

All students must pass an entrance exam. Applicants include web3 founders, professional solidity developers, even instructors at other web3 bootcamps!

slack 1.png

Success Stories from Our Alumni

Our students, from web3 technical founders to lead solidity developers, have seen tremendous success after completing our bootcamps. With over 8 figures of funding collectively raised by our alumni for their technical web3 startups, their achievements stand testament to the quality of our programs.

"Despite having five years of experience in Blockchain, I learned a great deal from it."

We identified and addressed security issues that could potentially occur in smart contracts, making the program all the more practical and relevant.

Adam Boudjemaa
Lead Blockchain Developer | Co-Authored ERC-3643 Standard | Built & Deployed 300+ Smart Contracts 


How much work is required?

RareSkills is for engineers looking to cover their knowledge gaps and develop a comprehensive understanding of blockchain engineering.

Although we do have a web2 to web3 course, we primarily serve engineers who already have experience creating smart contracts.

50% of the students who join our program already have a Solidity job.


Some have co-authored ERCs, raised millions in funding for web3 companies, taught solidity at other bootcamps, or work as professional solidity developers.


When we say our community is top notch, we aren’t kidding!

What makes RareSkills different from other bootcamps?

The common thread is that they all have the tenacity to intensively study blockchain for much longer than than the average engineer. RareSkills is not a casual introduction to blockchain. It is the longest, hardest, and most thorough web3 developer training program you will find, and as we continually build out the curriculum, it gets even longer and harder. Our aim is to be your one-stop-shop for becoming an industry leader. Sound like a bold claim? Here are some example student profiles:

  • Web3 technical founders who want to be sure they are building their technology correctly. Fun fact: our students have collectively raised over 8 figures of funding for technical web3 startups.

  • Lead technical solidity developers who are the most senior in their company. Being the most experienced person in the room means you learn the slowest. Engineers who have worked as instructors at other bootcamps, even one who authored an ERC have joined the RareSkills community to level up.

  • Exceptional web2 developers. We generally do not admit students who don't already know some Solidity, but if you want to begin your journey with RareSkills, you can take our introductory Dapp Bootcamp, then move on to the Advanced Solidity Bootcamp and the later courses.

RareSkills is an environment for successful people. You will be surrounded by top quality students and of course, top quality instructors.

What kind of students do well in this program?

RareSkills is not for new programmers, there are plenty of other resources to help you if that is your situation. (Replit 100 days of code is a popular resource). If you are experienced at programming but new to web3, we advice you at least become familiar with the ecosystem first (minting NFTs, swappting tokens using a browser and hardware wallet, etc).

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