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Blockchain Bootcamp

The Most Comprehensive and Rigorous Developer Blockchain Bootcamp in Web3

Cover your knowledge gaps in the longest and hardest blockchain training bootcamp. 46 week curriculum, class size of 5. Fully online and remote.

Our students have gotten jobs as solidity developers and auditors at top companies. 
Here’s how we do it.


Learn industry-leading techniques 

Stop wasting your time with tokens and start learning fuzzing and zero knowledge proofs.

Longer is better

Our advanced curriculum is 38 weeks long (46 if you are new to Solidity).


Expert teachers still beat algorithms 

Our instructors create what you find on Google. ChatGPT probably learns from us too.

Together is better

It’s easier to succeed when all your friends are doing it.

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How our 
Curriculum Works

We painstakingly document the fast moving field of blockchain so you can cut out the noise and focus on the important topics.

What you don’t know can hurt you.

Cover your knowledge gaps with RareSkills.

Efficient topic progression

We make sure that you are optimally challenged and that what you learn builds on and reinforces what you learned previously

Emphasis on evergreen foundations while also staying current

We don’t teach frameworks and tools. 
We teach the foundations and underlying problems that motivate them

How our 
Community Works

You are who you hang out with. Not only does RareSkills give you a curriculum that has been refined many times over, you get motivated peers and powerful industry connections. We only admit students who take learning as seriously as you do, and have the track record to prove it.

Curated Students

All students must pass an entrance exam. Applicants include web3 founders, professional solidity developers, even instructors at other web3 bootcamps!

Weekly meetings

We meet online every week once the program starts. Each cohort is limited to 5 students to create a friendly atmosphere.

One-on-one Coaching

You do a one-on-one code review with an expert instructor and get one-on-one career coaching from an industry leader.

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Extraordinary programs have extraordinary outcomes

Our career outcomes are simply amazing

Watch how Cyan Pascual 9x’ed his developer income with RareSkills and earns a western salary in a developing nation. Read how Josh Robar 3x’ed his income with RareSkills, got a job offer at Trail of Bits, and now works with a Cryptokitties co-founder. Read how Irnya went from building NFTs to building Layer Zero

You should study with RareSkills because you can learn faster and more rigorously.

Anyone can self teach for free. We all know that. But students in our program mastered the difficult aspects of Solidity and Ethereum development faster than their instructors did when they were learning.

Fast accomplishments of our students

Josh Robar wrote the first ERC1155 contract completely in Yul (assembly) 3 months into his study program. 

Suthan Somadeva and Michael Burke created a superior algorithm to ECDSA and Merkle Tree airdrops 5 months into studying Solidity part-time with RareSkills.

Speed is a competitive advantage

Of course you can do it on your own.

But with RareSkills you will do it sooner.

RareSkills is the ace up your sleeve in the fast-moving world of blockchain development.

New to Web3 Blockchain Development


(8 Weeks)


18-24 Hours/Week

8 Weeks

If you are looking to enter web3 for the first time, this is the bootcamp to take. This is an eight-week introduction to decentralized app (dapp) development on Ethereum.

Ethereum Development

Rust Development

The Next Evolution of Web3 Developer Education.

Watch how RareSkills works


Who is RareSkills for?

RareSkills is for engineers looking to cover their knowledge gaps and develop a comprehensive understanding of blockchain engineering.

Although we do have a web2 to web3 course, we primarily serve engineers who already have experience creating smart contracts.

50% of the students who join our program already have a Solidity job.


Some have co-authored ERCs, raised millions in funding for web3 companies, taught solidity at other bootcamps, or work as professional solidity developers.


When we say our community is top notch, we aren’t kidding!

What kind of students apply?

The common thread is that they all have the tenacity to intensively study blockchain for much longer than than the average engineer. RareSkills is not a casual introduction to blockchain. It is the longest, hardest, and most thorough web3 developer training program you will find, and as we continually build out the curriculum, it gets even longer and harder. Our aim is to be your one-stop-shop for becoming an industry leader. Sound like a bold claim? Here are some example student profiles:

  • Web3 technical founders who want to be sure they are building their technology correctly. Fun fact: our students have collectively raised over 8 figures of funding for technical web3 startups.

  • Lead technical solidity developers who are the most senior in their company. Being the most experienced person in the room means you learn the slowest. Engineers who have worked as instructors at other bootcamps, even one who authored an ERC have joined the RareSkills community to level up.

  • Exceptional web2 developers. We generally do not admit students who don't already know some Solidity, but if you want to begin your journey with RareSkills, you can take our introductory Dapp Bootcamp, then move on to the Advanced Solidity Bootcamp and the later courses.

RareSkills is an environment for successful people. You will be surrounded by top quality students and of course, top quality instructors.

I’m new to programming, can RareSkills help me?

RareSkills is not for new programmers, there are plenty of other resources to help you if that is your situation. (Replit 100 days of code is a popular resource). If you are experienced at programming but new to web3, we advice you at least become familiar with the ecosystem first (minting NFTs, swappting tokens using a browser and hardware wallet, etc).

Which course should I take?

If you aren’t already comfortable with Solidity, you should start with our Dapp Bootcamp. If you are comfortable with Solidity, but know there is a lot of information you still need to learn, our Advanced Solidity bootcamp is for you. After completing our advanced solidity course, we recommend taking the DeFi bootcamp next. Interested engineers can take the zero knowledge course afterwards.

When do the courses start?

Each page has the start date at the top of it, but we usually start a new cohort every nine to ten months out of the year. We do not start cohorts in December.

I want to get a sense of how good your program is before I start, where can I look?

You can take our free solidity test to calibrate yourself against the level of rigor we will teach. If you score 30-35%, don’t feel bad. Professional solidity engineers usually score in that rage.

You can also take our Advanced solidity udemy courses, which are very affordable.


After that, try to solve some of our gas optimization puzzles.


Some our teaching material is free on our website, so here is an example list for you to peruse. Subscribe to stay up to date, or follow us on our social channels, because we post free educational material weekly.

This is not a complete list. Please review our blog for more.

Our twitter account posts puzzles that have gone viral several times, so please look through our history to see the kind of solidity challenges we provide to the community.

How do I join?

Fill out the apply now page and a traditional coding test will be emailed to you automatically. You need to pass the score threshold. After you do, we will do a video interview to make sure you are a good fit for the program. If we chose to admit you after that, you pay the admission fee, then you will be added to our Slack, Stackoverflow, and LMS. Class will begin at the start date specified on the page.

Is this blockchain bootcamp online or in person?

Fully remote.

Our office hours are usually evening in Asia and morning in the Americas since that is the best window to overlap with most of the globe.

When you meet your instructor one on one, you can do a schedule that works best for both of you.