Become a senior blockchain engineer
through expert mentorship

RareSkills is a web3 bootcamp like no other.
Go beyond learning Solidity, tokens, and NFTs.

Next Cohort starts January 2023

Begin your ultimate blockchain journey with Rareskills

Solidity Bootcamp (4 Months)

  • Solidity and Cryptography

  • Assembly Programming

  • Design Patterns

Zero Knowledge Bootcamp (1.5 Months)

  • Circuit Programming

  • ZK Security

  • ZK Programming Languages

DeFi Bootcamp (1 Month)

  • Financial Simulation

  • Protocols

  • MEV and Security

Solana and Rust Bootcamp (2 Months)

  • Rust Course

  • Anchor and Web3

  • Solana Security

And a lot more!...

Be part of an exclusive community

We only accept five developers per cohort


Each student gets personal, 1 on 1 code reviews with an expert

You are guaranteed to study with interesting people (web3 entrepeneurs, Ivy League graduates, professional solidity developers, and more!)

Our students have gotten interviews and jobs at:

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We go way beyond the basics, and the advanced stuff


Average professional solidity developer score
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Professional Solidity developers score 32% on average on our Solidity entrance exam

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There is so much more to learn than what you will easily find online

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When you are done learning with us, your knowledge will be far ahead of the crowd

Want to get a sneak peek of what you will learn? Check out our curriculum then try our exam


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About the lead instructor

Jeffrey Scholz is a two-time bestseller on Udemy

Previously he created the video machine learning platform and team at Yahoo, and got two patents in the subject

He is a technical advisor for startups and for VC firms with over half a billion dollars in assets


He holds a graduate degree in computational theory from Columbia University

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Jeffrey Scholz

Founder RareSkills.

Limited Seats Available