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Where blockchain engineers at top

The Web3 Engineer Graduate School


Advanced Solidity


22 Weeks

18-24 Hours / Week

Next Cohort

27 May

10:00AM EDT

Zero Knowledge


8 Weeks

5-10 Hours / Week

Next Cohort

17 May

08:00AM EDT

Dapp Bootcamp


8 Weeks

18-24 Hours / Week

Next Cohort



Engineers at top web3 companies have studied at Rareskills

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Education is not just for beginners

Whether you are looking for free resources or access to top instructors, RareSkills is here to help.

We are not web2 to web3. We are web3 to expert web3

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Small Classes, Big Impact

Our unique teaching style is driven by questions, not presentations.

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One-on-One Mentorship

Learn faster with a tight feedback loop.

Understand the 'Why' Behind the 'How'

We teach foundations, not hype

We write the tutorials the 

Read and judge for yourself. We are the industry leader for comprehensive and expert-level learning resources — and we don’t even ask for your email.

Zero Knowledge Proofs Book

Rareskills ZKP (Zero Knowledge Proofs) Book

The most programmer friendly guide to building ZK-SNARKs from scratch

Uniswap V2 Book

RareSkills Uniswap V2 Book

A deep dive into the source code, tokenomics, and math behind the most copied DeFi protocol.

Compound V3 Book

Rareskills Book Compound V3 2.png

Learn the Compound Finance codebase and tokenomics in depth

60 Days of Solana


This Solana course is designed for engineers with a beginner or  intermediate background.

Tornado Cash Book

Rareskills Tornado Cash Book

The most comprehensive line-by-line guide to the iconic mixer - with animations

Book of Gas Optimization

Rareskills Book of Solidity Gas Optimization

The web's most authoritative and complete guide to Solidity Gas Optimization

Smart Contract Security

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A 2023 survey of how smart contracts break - over 12,000 words long

Huff Puzzles

Rareskills Huff Puzzles Graphic

Learn the EVM hands on by programming in the most loved assembly language

Rareskills Riddles

Rareskills Riddles Graphic

Capture the flag security exercises that even top security auditors struggle with

Zero Knowledge Puzzles

Rareskills Zero Knowledge Puzzle Image

Learn ZK programming in Circom

Solidity Interview Questions

Rareskills Solidity Interview Questions Graphic

Interview questions top companies actually ask

Learn Solidity 0.8 with Foundry

Most intro to Solidity tutorials are too slow paced and too beginner oriented. This one is to help senior engineers get up to speed fast.

The School That is Cool

Ready to move beyond our free resources?
Join our online cohorts and you’ll be in good company.

The following kinds of students have joined

  • Protocol leads of highly funded startups

  • Senior engineers at prestigious blockchain companies

  • EIP authors

  • Technical web3 founders who have collectively raised tens of millions of dollars

Adam Boudjemaa

Adam Boudjemaa

Blockchain Technical

Lead Biconomy

Madigan Lebreton

Madigan Lebreton

Web3 Security Auditor at Quarkslab

Adeel Hasan

Adeel Hasan

Engineering Leader in

Web / Blockchain

rareskills student

Eduard Pershyn

Solidity developer
CTO at Gutdem 

Ready to Learn with Our

jeffrey scholz

Jeffrey Scholz

Jeffrey is the instructor of the only two expert-level Ethereum development courses on Udemy, both of which are bestsellers. His blog on Ethereum development has significantly influenced major projects in the web3 space.

jesper kristensen

Jesper Kristensen

Jesper Kristensen is a Web3 builder and entrepreneur with a Ph.D. and M.S. in Applied and Engineering Physics and Computer Science from Cornell University. Founder of the Panoptic protocol 



Gonçalo Magalhães (gmhacker) is an aerospace engineer working as a smart contract security researcher. He's currently at Immunefi leading smart contract and R&D endeavours.

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We have received grants from

The biggest players in the ecosystem support our work

Logos of 3 companies: Optimism , Solana and Aztec
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Can you do better than the 32%

Our famous solidity test is used by security firms to filter out applicants. Want to see where you stand?

Are you a business ?

If you are looking to train your engineers and obtain a bulk discount, expand your team, or do some other kind of collaboration.

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Rated the Best

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Limited seats

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