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11 Reasons you should sign up for RareSkills bootcamp (as a developer)

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

1. 1-1 time with industry leaders

Ever wished you could be mentored by leaders from big name companies? Wish they would review your code and tell you what could be better?

That's the core of what we do.

2. Small class sizes – limited to 5

Everyone knows there is a difference between being in a live online class with 5 and 50 people. With 50 people, you might as well watch a pre-recorded lecture.

With 5 people, you get meaningful, personal, and fun interactions.

Because of the small class size, you have the opportunity to build authentic relationships with people who may be a great help to you in the future.

3. 25% of our students already make money as a blockchain developer

Don't let the name "Bootcamp" fool you. We are not for beginners. We only admit students who already have professional software engineering experience, and many of them already make money programming in solidity!

Many online learning programs for blockchain teach students how to program in solidity and to build ERC20 tokens and NFTs, and maybe an NFT marketplace. This is useful knowledge, and you can have a successful career creating only these products.

However, if you want to take it a step further and build sophisticated, secure, and efficient contracts – or even work on the blockchain protocol itself, you want to study with RareSkills.

Our goal is to be the equivalent of an affordable master's degree rather than a Bootcamp. This means we assume you have a lot of prerequisite knowledge and are looking to master the subject (as the name implies).

4. Zero tutorial hell

Tutorial hell is where you endlessly watch or read tutorials but never put the information to use by building something. What often keeps us stuck in tutorial hell is the fear we don't know enough information to build what we want to build.

RareSkills helps you bypass this trap by giving you optimally calibrated projects to where you are in your journey. First, we give you the prerequisite knowledge in the form of excellent materials, and then we give you a project to work on for a week or two.

This method allows you to retain information far better.

5. Get Solidity gigs while you learn

This option is not available to every student. Still, for those who are doing well in the program and already work as a freelancer, we can help connect you with more gigs if we believe this will help boost your application (or if you are looking to make a little extra money). This is completely optional, our students have been able to get interviews at major companies without official solidity experience, but some students may benefit from this.

6. Learn advanced topics most blockchain engineers don't even know exist

Don't get us wrong. We love self-teaching and autodidactism. However, there is an inevitable drawback that your learning is filtered through recommendation algorithms. We don't doubt your ability to discover what is ultimately important, but anyone who has taught themselves a new subject knows there is a lot of superficial information to wade through before they figure out what core materials they should be learning.

Let us save you time by mapping out your learning journey for you. You will have plenty of time for self-study, but you won't waste any time with suboptimal materials or hours of searching.

A common feedback we hear from students with Solidity experience is "wow, I didn't even know this technique existed!"

If you love teaching yourself, RareSkills is the perfect fit for you. You get all the benefits of self-teaching with the addition of a mentor and a roadmap to save you time!

As part of our program, we want to enforce and encourage self-learning. It's one thing to become an expert at something – it's another to stay an expert in the topic. Therefore, we want to set you up such that you can stay up to date with meaningful technological evolutions.

7. Free access to the best-selling expert-level solidity Udemy courses

If you search for solidity courses on Udemy and filter for Intermediate and Expert courses

You'll see our founder and lead instructor created the top two! Udemy is a highly competitive environment, and you only get to the top by being really good at teaching.

Our founder has a long history of teaching: tutoring in high school, teaching cybersecurity in university, and training engineers in Silicon Valley. As a result, he understands the learning process better than most and has mapped out the fastest way for you to get from where you are now to becoming an authority in the subject of blockchain development.

8. Interview preparation based on actual interviews

As our students interview at different companies, we keep track of the questions they are asked, so our interview preparation is as realistic as possible. We won't give you answers to memorize (that shortcuts the learning process and helps no one), but we will style our preparation based on what you are likely to encounter.

9. Get resume reviews from the actual decision makers

We know resume preparation can be a grind. But our instructors have seen thousands of resumes throughout their careers, and they know how to make yours stand out. We want you to succeed, so we will tell you how to restructure your resume to make the 3-second snap decision hiring managers make go in your favor.

We actually judge resumes as part of our job.

We'll teach you how to beat the system.

10. Option to study with us for a year or more

It doesn't have to end after four months. Our four-month core curriculum will put you ahead of most blockchain developers, but we know the learning journey never ends! Blockchain is a vast subject. Check out our extended curriculum to see what else you can learn. We aim to be more like an affordable master's degree than a Bootcamp, so you will have access to many very advanced subjects in blockchain.

11. Blockchain-backed refund policy

Change your mind about joining? We have a no questions asked 30-day refund policy.

Although a lot of companies have a refund policy like that but…

Ours is different.

If you pay a designated smart contract in USDC, the refund policy is programmatically enforced so you can withdraw the money without even asking us! You get your money back right away with zero hassle.

If you pay with crypto, you get a 2% discount compared to other methods.

We walk the talk when it comes to web3 adoption!

By using smart contracts for payments 1) you don't have to worry about us not honoring our refund policy because we can't stop the smart contract; 2) we don't have to pay the traditional finance companies their exchange fees.

You can still pay us the old fashion way if you like, but we will also have to refund you the old fashion way: you have to ask for a refund and then wait seven days for the banks to clear the transaction. But with crypto, it's instant, and we all save money with less hassle!

Take a look at the code here

What are you waiting for? It takes 30 seconds and no commitment to Apply Now

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