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Gas To USD Ethereum Calculator

Ethereum gas fee calculator

Use this calculator to predict the cost of an Ethereum transaction in dollar amounts. The calculator will even work if you enter the price of Ethereum in another currency. Just interpret the $-sign in your preferred currency.


A traditional Eth transfer costs 21,000 gas, but interacting with a smart contract (ERC20, NFT, DeFi application, etc), will cost more.The gas price fluctuates with network demand. The gas price is always reported in gwei (one billionth of an Ether).

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Total Cost in USD:



  • 21,000 ETH transfer

  • ~50,000 transfer ERC20 token

  • USDC gas fee for transfer costs 48.5 to 60.8k gas

  • Tether gas fee for transfer costs 46.1k to 58.4k gas

  • ~100,000 to 200,000 mint an NFT

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