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Blockchain Bootcamp

The most comprehensive and rigorous developer bootcamp in web3

blockchain bootcamp


RareSkills is the best blockchain coding bootcamp.

We rigorously cover every web3 coding topic that might be relevant to your blockchain development journey.

You get

  • a rigorous and thorough curriculum

  • regular one-on-one code reviews with an expert instructor

  • an exclusive cohort of five students.

Our graduates have gotten jobs at top blockchain companies.

RareSkills is the most elite, most selective, and most effective engineering fellowship around.

RareSkills is 100% fully remote and cohorts start on a rolling monthly basis.

Blockchain Bootcamps Entry Level

Blockchain bootcamps are a great way for those who may be new to the crypto space or blockchain technology to learn more about its inner workings. By participating in an intensive course, individuals can gain a greater understanding of the various aspects of blockchain technology such as smart contracts, distributed ledgers, tokens, and cryptocurrency wallets.

Blockchain Professional


RareSkills Blockchain Bootcamp

We cover different topics, but they are all taught the same way. You will have one class per week consisting of 5 students maximum where the instructor will answer your questions and clarify the upcoming assignment. You will then go over the study materials on your own and spend most of the time coding (or hacking) the task for that week. When you are finished, you will meet one on one with your expert instructor to get constructive feedback on your work.

Studying at RareSkills is like being part of a small engineering team under the guidance of a star principal engineer. Instead of writing code for a company, the tasks are optimized for learning! You could spend over a year studying with RareSkills!

What other bootcamp is willing to commit to your growth that long?

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