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Apprenticeship and Open Source Bootcamp

Duration: 8+ weeks

You will be working on a project of your choice under the guidance of one of our star instructors. The end goal is to gain valuable experience in a Rare Skill to make your application truly stand out. Possible projects include:

  • Paid development work from one of our partners

  • Open source contributions under our guidance

  • A project of your choice that interests you


- Pick a topic that interests you.
- Meet with your advisor to come up with a strategy for optimizing the desired outcome.
- Meet with your advisor for 30 minutes per week until the project is finished.


  • RareSkills Solidity Bootcamp.

  • If you plan on contributing to a vertical relevant to another bootcamp we offer, you should take that one first. For example, if you want to contribute to or build a DeFi project, you should complete the DeFi bootcamp first.


How much time will this take

If this is a paid apprenticeship, we expect you to be available at least 30 hours a week to ensure our customer has regular updates and communication. If you are working on your own project, it's up to you. But you should put in 20 hours a week at least to get the most out of this.

Can I use this to get consulting for internal projects at my company?

Yes, you absolutely can! We will sign appropriate NDAs if necessary. Keep in mind, the student-instructor meeting structure won't change

Can I join this if I haven't completed the core solidity bootcamp?

You will need a very exceptional application to join, and you will need to score 50% or higher on our solidity test. RareSkills students from the Solidity bootcamp will get priority


$1568 to $1,600 per month depending on payment method used. If this is a paid apprenticeship, then the customer will pay RareSkills and the student will receive 80- 90% of the income from the customer.

However, the point of this program is to build up your CV for competitive blockchain jobs, not to make money. Students are encouraged to focus on projects that will maximize their visibility, not short term earnings

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