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Web3 Careers Websites

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

web3 careers websites
web3 careers websites

Trying to find a web3 career in an industry that has hundreds, if not thousands of web3 companies in existence, it can be overwhelming to search through their websites one-by-one. Thankfully, there are various blockchain top web3 job list job aggregators. Here are some example resources make the search easier. These job listings are not exclusively for software developers, so you’ll need to filter by the industry you specialize in. We also detail some unconventional job search strategies at the end.

Search VC or Accelerator Portfolios

Venture Capital firms are keen to ensure their portfolio companies have a steady access to talent, so they aggregate available jobs across their portfolios.

Pantera Capital

As an investment firm that exclusively invests in blockchain companies, pantera capital Web3 careers job board is relevant to web3 job seekers.

Rarestone Capital

Another blockchain focused VC fund, they have a dedicated page for their portfolio jobs.


Another fund dedicated exclusively to crypto startups, blockchain engineers will find their job board useful.

Andreessen Horowitz

Andreessen Horowitz needs no introduction. It is not exclusively a blockchain fund, but they are one of the most influential (and selective) investors in web3. Thankfully, it’s easy to filter jobs by blockchain as we have linked below. Companies with prestigious backing tend to also be more selective for the candidates they accept, so be mindful of that while searching this job list.

Longhash Ventures

Unlike the other job sites here, you only have one form to fill out. It isn’t clear how the form is handled, but presumably a recruiter will get back to you if you are a fit for a position in this accelerator’s portfolio. Because Longhash is an accelerator, you can expect the companies to be early stage.

Search L1 Blockchain Ecosystems

Similar to VCs, L1 blockchains want to ensure the decentralized applications that run on them have a supply of talent. After all, it’s the ecosystem of applications that make the L1 valuable. These L1s have job aggregators for their ecosystems.


If you know rust and Solana programming, this will cover a lot of the opportunities available to you.


NEAR is a developer friendly blockchain that uses Rust for its smart contracts.


Algorand uses its own language of pyteal to support smart contracts.


As an EVM compatible chain, if you are an expert in Solidity

Some blockchains are conspicuously absent from the list, since they don’t provide an aggregation.

Job aggregator sites

You’ll find a lot of duplicates jobs between these websites, because they are often pulling from the same sources (,,, etc), but they still provide useful services. Since these sites give employers the option to pay to have their job listed there, some job listings will be unique to the site.

Social Media

Discord and Twitter are the two dominant social media platforms for web3. There are plenty of jobs there that are not posted on the sites above. Why would someone have a job opening and not put it on one of the above platforms?

For one, it’s expensive to put a job posting up, and two, job postings attract a lot of “shotgun applicants” who are not qualified for the job and create a lot of distraction to sift through. Projects would often prefer to have job applicants who are interested in the project for its own sake. This is more work on your part, because you cannot just throw out generic applications with discord. You have to visit each group one-by-one. But because you can often talk directly to the founders, you have a much higher chance of getting a response from the company.

Reddit is also has some job boards specifically for solidity developers, but it is not as comprehensive as the above resources. Twitter is the mecca of web3, but you still might find an opportunity with Reddit.


Gitcoin isn’t a great place to find steady work, but if you are looking to make open source contributions and get paid for it, it’s a great platform. When sending an application, be very detailed about why you are a good fit and provide an outline of the work you will do. If you send in an application saying “I’m a good fit for this project, I know solidity” you won’t stand out.

There are also of course the classic freelancer websites like Fiverr or Upwork, but I generally don’t recommend working on those platforms because competition drives the pay too low. They are find if you are looking to hire someone for basic technology and media work, but not sophisticated software development.

Work directly with a recruiter

If all of the above seems like too much of a hassle, just go to LinkedIn and search for “blockchain recruiter” or “web3 recruiter” and send a cold email explaining you are looking for work. Since they can earn upwards of 20% of your salary if they place you, they are motivated to find a job for you. Bear in mind that most recruiters only work with senior engineers, because junior engineers are in far less demand and the recruitment fee they could earn will be less.

Web3 Career Advice

We’ve written extensively about web3 career advice. Despite what you may hear about blockchain developers being in short supply (they aren’t), you still have to put the work into crafting a resume that stands out — and have the skills to back it up. An average job application gets dozens of submissions. Hiring managers in busy startups don’t have the time to examine each one that comes in. And if they get the application, they don’t want to waste the team’s time interviewing someone who might be a dud. So be intentional in your resume and application to demonstrate that the company should take time out of their busy schedule to talk to you.

Looking to start your web3 career journey? Check out our blockchain bootcamp.

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