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Dapp Bootcamp

Duration: 2 months | Pricing: Pay upfront $2,400 OR 2 monthly installments of $1,300

If you are looking to enter web3 for the first time, this is the Dapp Bootcamp to take.

This is an eight-week introduction to decentralized app (dapp) development on Ethereum.


If you are at least an intermediate blockchain developer, you should take our solidity bootcamp instead of this one.

dapp bootcamp

Dapp Bootcamp Curriculum

Week 1: How blockchains work

There is no better way to learn how blockchains work than to build a simple one yourself! You will build a minimal viable blockchain in your favorite language to get an intuition of how they store and preserve data.

Week 2Solidity Exercises with Foundry

You will learn Solidity in bite-sized pieces to pass progressively harder tests with a custom repository we have made. You'll learn how to use the most modern development framework (foundry). You'll learn the different kinds of functions Solidity has, how to transfer Ethereum, 

Week 3Introduction to unit tests with Foundry

The nice thing about foundry is that the unit tests are written in Solidity also. You'll further improve your understanding of the language by writing tests for simple apps.

Week 4-5: Deploying Smart Contracts and Coding frontend apps

You'll finally deploy your first smart contract to the mainnet and interact with it through Etherscan. You'll also build websites to interact with smart contracts directly.

Week 6Basic token sales with ERC20 and ERC721. RPC APIs

You will build the classic websites for minting NFTs and selling ERC20 tokens for Ether.

Week 7: Blockchain Node APIs

You'll learn how to interact with blockchains at a higher level by using 3rd party service providers that aggregate information in useful ways. This will help you avoid re-inventing the wheel in a lot of common usecases.

Week 8: Capstone Project

Take what you've learned and build what excites you!


Although this is an introduction to web3, it is not an introduction to coding​

  • You should be able to create a basic frontend website in javascript, especially react js

  • You should know what unit tests are and why they are important

  • You should have a good knowledge of essential data structures like lists and hashmaps

There will be a coding exam for entrance, but it won’t be as rigorous as for our other blockchain bootcamps.


Who is this for?

This is for programmers who are new to web3 and want a cohort based introduction to smart contract programming

What is different between this and the Solidity bootcamp?

This bootcamp is for people entering web3 for the first time. The Solidity bootcamp is for engineers who already have web3 experience.

Is there career placement for this bootcamp? 

No. You won’t be competitive with applicants who have completed the more advanced Solidity bootcamp. If you really want to work in web3, you need to complete that bootcamp. We actively help members of that bootcamp find jobs

Is it online or in person?

Everything is 100% online at RareSkills

How much time per week?

We estimate it will take most students 25 hours to complete each week of work

Do I have to take this bootcamp before taking the Solidity bootcamp?

It depends on how new you are to web3. If you are an exceptional programmer and want to skip this bootcamp, we will ask you to complete the assignments from this bootcamp on your own to prove you have the ability to handle the rapid pace of the Solidity bootcamp.

If I complete this bootcamp, will I be automatically accepted to the Solidity bootcamp

It will depend on how well you do in this bootcamp. Our Solidity bootcamp is exceptionally challenging. If you have a difficult time in this bootcamp, you will be more likely to succeed in the Solidity bootcamp if you take some time on your own to work on some web3 projects on your own.

What is the structure?

There are two office hours held throughout the week. The first is where we introduce the next week’s topic, and the second there will be group code reviews. Unlike our Solidity bootcamp, one-on-one code reviews are not part of this course.


  • Access to a private slack group

  • Access to a private stackoverflow group

  • Small class sizes (5) to ensure you make friends, have a great community, and get your questions answered

  • Be around a lot of positive energy that will launch you into dapp development faster!


Pay upfront $2,400 OR two monthly installments of $1,300.

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